Prepare Your Home

Photoshoot Checklist

Removing your personal effects and preparing a clutter free and clean environment will help potential buyers to mentally move in.

Black woman cleaning room


  • Keep all animals friendly or unfriendly, small or big, cute or not, way from all areas that will be photographed inside or outside. Keep in mind we want your pets to be safe and also to prevent accidents and allergies to others. We recommend keeping them at your garage or taking them for a long walk. Same goes for all pet indicating materials (Beds, dishes, toys, etc).
  • If it is not offensive to the sellers, we strongly recommend removing all religious and ethnic material. (Icons, flags, etc).
  • Personal photos especially large size that would be clear on Internet and brochures.
  • Names of kids in kids’ bedrooms, if parents object to this when photos are posted.
  • Hide weapons (Guns, swords, knifes etc)
Gardener mowing the lawn using a gasoline powered device, a professional lawn mower


  • Trim the bushes, especially in front of the front door
  • Weed the garden
  • Mow the loan
  • Add fresh mulch
  • Add seasonal flowers
  • Clean pool, pool area and do not ad chemicals that will change the color of the water
  • Remove pool cleaning items and toys
  • Clean windows
  • Clean front door area
  • Pressure-wash the house if needed
  • Clean up driveways, decks patios etc
  • Remove fallen branches from roof if any, and leaves
  • Store seasonal décor
  • Stow garden tools, supplies, bags with fertilizes, bag with mulch etc
  • Remove garden hose
  • Remove pots with dry or dead flowers
  • Straighten deck furniture and use fresh color cushions
  • Hide trash cans, in the garage when possible
  • Blow leaves away from visible areas
  • Remove all cars from driveway
Woman changing lightbulb



  • De-clutter entire house
  • Replace light bulbs if needed
  • Make final repairs if needed
  • Make sure all cabinets close properly
  • Replace non functioning blinds
  • Clean windows and walls if needed
  • Hide all cords
  • Rise or turn blinds horizontal
  • Clean us floors and carpets
  • Hide remote controls
  • Hide all tissue boxes
  • Put away all clothing
  • Turn off all lights (let the photographer decide if any lights must be on)
  • Hide all pet bowls, beds, toys and anything indicating a pet
  • Hide all trashcans inclusive desk trashcans

Inside the property:

  • Remove all clutter (boxes, plastic or paper bags, ashtrays, excessive magazines or newspapers, excessive books, etc)
  • Use good looking books as decoration
  • Wash windows
  • Turn TVs off
  • Remove personal photos, especially wedding photos, kissing photos, political and religious photos and people that should not be displayed on the internet.


  • Remove all magnets and anything else from face of refrigerator
  • Swipe stainless steel appliances from fingerprints, etc
  • Hide all food
  • Empty counter tops if possible completely
  • Leave only character items on counter tops and decorations
  • Stow toasters and dirty small appliances
  • Hire dish soaps and sponges
  • Hide dish towels
  • Empty sink
  • Eliminate the dish draining rack
  • Organize open or class selves
  • Hide kitchen paper roll
  • Hide napkins
  • Hide water fountain if any
  • Make sure all cabinets close completely
  • Clean up top of stove
  • Remove rugs


  • Make the beds nicely, covers should be parallel to the floor
  • Eliminate stained pillows and covers
  • Hide breathing devices or any other medical items, walkers, wheelchairs, etc
  • Ad extra decorative pillows
  • Put away clothing, slippers, shoes, personal items, medicine, religious items, extra blankets, scales, etc
  • Empty visible area under bed
  • Clean up night tables from clutter
  • De-Clutter in general

Dining Room:

  • Straighten table to be parallel to wall and in coordination to the carpet if any
  • Straighten up chairs and equal distances form each other
  • Set up table if possible
  • Ad flowers or candlesticks


  • Clean up bathroom thoroughly
  • Place beautiful towels
  • Hide all personal items (tooth brushes, toothpaste, soaps, medicine, scales, etc)
  • Clean mirrors
  • Close toilet lid
  • Remove plunger and brush
  • Remove mats if not nice
  • Place a full roll of toilet paper
  • Place a new fresh bar of soap.
  • Empty bathtub from shampoos, soaps, brushes, washing towels, etc.
  • If possible place a new nice shower curtain
  • Remove medical equipment or assisting items if possible

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