Now that I’m on your website, where do I start?2020-02-09T04:32:05+00:00

You can start by placing an order for a tour package. Select a tour package and any other a la carte services that you might need. Once your order is placed, our staff will review and let you know if there are any questions. Once your tour has been approved and published, you’ll receive an invitation to our Realtors’ Essentials Client Panel. You can now create an account, update your profile, check on any orders and manage your whole account. To update your profile, upload your headshot and company logo in JPG format, add your company’s address and contact numbers. The benefit of the Client Panel is that you’ll be able to make edits to your tour, such as changing image names, image order, image visibility, music, etc. You’ll also be able to see current tour statistics, as well as adding recipients to the statistics emails, and you able to download all images and videos. If you’re encountering any issues please contact us.

What can I do myself to prepare the property for photography?2020-02-15T20:20:30+00:00

Please follow our Pre-Photoshoot Checklist to prepare your property for photography

The seller was very late to an appointment or the agent couldn’t make it, or forgot. What happens?2020-02-08T22:49:20+00:00

The agent and/or broker will be charged $50 to compensate the photographer or floor planner for their time.

What if the photoshoot takes longer to complete?2020-02-08T22:12:18+00:00

If a photoshoot takes a longer time and it is not the fault of the photographer, additional fees will apply. In order to compensate the photographer for lost income due to cancellations of next scheduled appointments, a fee of $25 for the first 20 minutes and $50 for up to 1 hour of delay, will be charged.

What should I do before ordering?2020-02-08T18:27:31+00:00

Inspect the property you are representing and decide on your marketing tone and messaging plan. Is it luxury, elegance, clean, realistic but clean, super realistic, or as is? And before the photo shoot or video session, let us know if you need any beautification services including cleaning and staging, etc.

Do you produce direct mail campaigns for realtors?2020-02-08T23:06:06+00:00

Yes, we can arrange for that. Cost TBD.

What type of business is this?2020-02-09T04:32:16+00:00

We are everything you need to market your property, the right way. We are a marketing and production company and offer most of the services an agent or broker would need to market their properties effectively. We also work a la cart, if you don’t see something you need, please contact us.

What are the main services offered on this website?2020-02-09T04:41:06+00:00

We offer services in beautification, photography, videography, floor plans, and brochures.

How does this work?2020-02-09T04:41:34+00:00

Order the services you need, someone will contact you to arrange for the appointment, let us do the rest, you will receive the final product as soon as next day (depending on the services you requested, some services might take longer) Done! If you encountering any issues please contact us.

What methods of payments do you accept?2020-02-09T04:42:34+00:00

We accept cash, checks, Paypal, and all major credit cards.

What’s your policy on last minute cancellations?2020-02-09T04:43:01+00:00

We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. If less than 24 hours, a fee of $50 will be charged to compensate our vendors. In case of extreme weather, the cancelation fee will be waived.

Do you do estate sales?2020-02-09T04:43:18+00:00

Yes, we can arrange for an estate sale.

What is the standard turnaround for services?2020-02-09T04:45:45+00:00

For most of our services, the turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours.

How long is the average photography session?2020-02-09T04:46:50+00:00

The average home shouldn’t exceed 40-60 minutes for photography alone. We normally spend 40 minutes on 20 photos and 1 hour for 30 photos. For more services, extra time will be required.

What if I ordered a 20 photo package but shot more than 20 photos?2020-02-09T04:48:16+00:00

We will upgrade you to the appropriate package according to the total of photos submitted.

Can the photographer shoot many photos of a property and I choose just a few?2020-02-09T04:50:04+00:00

The reason we ask the agent and/or broker to be present is because we want you to review the photos. We will bill you according to the photos submitted.

Due to some changes in the property I need more photos. Can you do a reshoot?2020-02-09T04:51:04+00:00

Yes, we offer reshoots at a reduced price.

What if a garden crew or cleaning personnel are in the house when the photographer arrives?2020-02-09T04:52:14+00:00

This should be avoided as it may cause delays and accidents.

Can a photographer conduct a photoshoot without the presence of an agent or seller?2020-02-09T04:53:10+00:00

Ideally, the agent and/or broker should be present. However, with your or seller’s written permission, the photographer can go on his/her own. Written permission can be in a form of email, text or actual letter.

What if the photographer shot a property alone and I do not like how the photos turned out?2020-02-09T04:53:41+00:00

We encourage the agents and/or brokers to be present so they can have their input into the photoshoot. Unless the photos are technically wrong, for example, out of focus, or very dark, you will be charged as ordered.

Can you fly a drone anywhere?2020-02-09T04:54:58+00:00

No. Normally, we can’t fly around heavily populated areas, near airports, military bases, and facilities, highways, or if we encounter areas with high magnetic interference.

Can drones fly all the time?2020-02-09T04:55:10+00:00

Drones might experience magnetic interference and cause them not to work properly. In some cases, and for security reasons, the FAA might restrict a takeoff. If this is the case, then we’ll refund any aerial photography charges incurred.

What is considered extreme weather?2020-02-09T05:08:41+00:00

Extreme weather is referred to as very heavy rainfall, heavy snow, and extreme winds. Please note that our drones can’t fly under any type of rain, snow, or winds stronger than 13 miles per hour.

How do you price floor plans?2020-02-09T04:57:26+00:00

The square footage of the floor plan includes every square foot measured and/or designed. For example, if we include a basement, the basement square footage counts to the billable square footage regardless of the fact that the basement square footage does not usually count toward a home’s square footage. The same applies to attics and crawl spaces. Also, multi-family properties count as more than one and a two-family house counts as two properties, not one. If the square footage exceeds the original ordered placed, then an additional fee for every 500 square feet above the ordered square footage applies. multi-family properties of more than 5 units are considered commercial and different rates apply.

How much time is required to measure a property for a floor plan?2020-02-09T05:09:37+00:00

An average house shouldn’t take more than one hour. Bigger and more complicated houses might take more time.

What is beautification?2020-02-09T04:58:27+00:00

Beautification is a service we offer that occurs before the photography session begins. In essence, the property is made more presentable and pleasant for the potential buyers to see. These services include cleaning, light gardening, staging, and furnishings.

What is staging?2020-02-09T04:59:29+00:00

Staging is a service that’s divided into three subcategories:

  1. Rearrange existing furniture.
  2. Rearrange existing furniture and bring in accessories that will enhance the look of the property, including paintings, pillows, vases, and dishes.
  3. Full furnishing and arrangement. In this case, we furnish the house for several months for the open house and for potential buyers to have a clear image of the interior.
What is light gardening?2020-02-09T05:00:12+00:00

Light gardening includes leaf blowing, grass mowing, and the moving and rearranging of decorative plants.

Can the photographer help us move some furniture and other items?2020-02-09T05:00:59+00:00

For liability and security reasons, the photographers are not allowed to move furniture or other items, except adjusting for a specific photograph.

What if the property is not photoshoot ready?2020-02-09T05:01:20+00:00

It is the agent’s and/or broker’s responsibility to prepare each property to be photoshoot ready. If the house is not ready, it will take longer to finish on schedule. Additional fees may apply. Fees can include staging and/or de-cluttering services if the photographer is qualified to do so. Fees can also be assessed for delays.

Are your rates the same everywhere?2020-02-09T05:02:22+00:00

No, each region is priced according to the local ongoing rates. Our current rates apply only to Nassau County, New York. Soon, we will be publishing rates and offering services to New York City and Suffolk County, New York.

Are residential and commercial rates the same?2020-02-09T05:02:53+00:00

No, commercial rates are TBD according to the commercial property.

Your rates seem to be on the low end, why is that?2020-02-09T05:03:18+00:00

Our rates apply only to residential realtors and agents because we understand what it takes to obtain and sell a house. These rates do not apply to non-residential realtors.

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